Dudes Suck

My senior thesis has to do with the ways women are represented when they have agency over their image (through art, photography) vs. how they are represented when they are being used to sell something. I showed a picture of Kim Kardashian from this month’s British GQ. She’s like laying in a bed completely naked save for a pair of pink heels and a grey sheet hiding her boobs. Nothing too crazy, just Kim looking super hot in all her surgically enhanced glory.

After showing this picture this guy in my class, who prior to today I thought was a nice normal, run of the mill dude, went completely crazy on me. In addition to screaming about how he hates Kim Kardashian because she slept her way to the top, he proceeded to make sweeping generalizations about female celebrities, and how they don’t become relevant until they “get with” an already established man. He ranted about how Beyonce wasn’t relevant until she married Jay Z (excuse me, Destiny’s Child?).

He continued to yell as if I had done something to him personally, and I wasn’t just presenting my working thesis like my teacher asked me to do. He waved his finger in my face, stood up, was super aggressive, banged on the table, the works. Every time I tried to talk he would interrupt me and scream about how he has a daughter, and how he doesn’t let his daughter listen to Beyonce “because she’s a thot,” and that he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up thinking that sleeping around is okay. And how Kim Kardashian has no value to him “because she’s a bop.”

I tried to tell him that I found his word choice offensive and he retorted, “Why are you offended? I’m talking about her not you.” I was literally flabbergasted at his reasoning because Kim Kardashian has absolutely nothing to do with him or his daughter, and showing a picture of her sent him into a fit of rage, yet I shouldn’t get mad when he gets in my face, interrupts my presentation, calls women who like sex (which I do) sluts, or implies that women who like to show off their bodies are bad people, or that girls today aren’t wholesome. His only argument was that he has a daughter.

When I tried to explain to Henry (that’s his name) that I’m someone’s daughter too, and my dad would never speak to a female in the way he was speaking to me because he has a daughter all he could say was, “well we’re different.” Yeah you are different, my dad isn’t a fucking asshole.

I am by no means a Kim Kardashian stan, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around how someone with a daughter could feel comfortable yelling at me for just voicing an opinion he didn’t agree with. Also it’s not Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce’s or anybody else’s responsibility but your fucking own to raise your child. So fuck that and fuck him.

He said a bunch of other fucked up shit that I can’t remember because I was crying, not because he hurt my feelings but because it just made me so sad to know that there is someone who is so loud and so misogynistic and so just completely fucked in the head that I couldn’t help it.

Anyways, I feel really bad for his daughter because her dad is a fuck boy and I hope she has a supportive mom in her life to let her know that she’s great and deserving of respect no matter what she does with her body.